• Make your project happen

    Emilie. Passionate about people and projects,

    entrepreneurship and education.

    I love helping companies to reach a human and efficient organisation and accelerate their development by :

    * bringing sense and clarifying vision and objectives
    * defining a clear strategy and the implementation plan
    * empowering and engaging people as change actor and coach
    * analysing market and performance

    My professional background in a nutshell:

    * Mechanical engineer, Master in mangement, Certified coach
    * Worked in Startups, Corporate, Academic and non-profits
    * HR / Consultancy / (Steel) Industry / Education / Bank &Insurance
    * Interim manager / Vision & strategy / Operations / People Management / Project management / Process management


    More details on my profile. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile

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    My name is Emilie Fockedey and I would be happy to help you.